STRENGTH E2mom X 8 Sets 3 Heavy Back Squats me Strict Chinups Unbroken Sets *switch Between Pullups And Chinups Each Set METCON Amrap 10 7 Thrusters (75/55) 7 C2b Pullups


STRENGTH A. 8 Min Build To A 3rm Strict Chinup b. Amrap 4 strict Chinup c. With Score Of Part B = Amount Of Hang Kb Snatch (50/35) For Time METCON 100 Cal Ab 60 Box Jump Overs 20 Deadlifts (225/155) 10 Bar Facing Burpees 20 Deadlifts 60 Box Jump Overs 100 Cal...


STRR Build To A 5rm front Squat *no Tempo METCON 100 Wallballs For Time e:90 Including 0 = 10 Front Rack Reverse Lunge (95/65)


STRENGTH A.snatch Grip Split Jerk + Heaving Snatch Balance X 2 build To A Max In 12 Min b.with Max Of A 1 Set Max Effort Ohs METCON Full Body Training Split 3 Sets Fully Thru Everything 12-15 Reps hamstring Curls seated Db Press seated Db Leg Extensions band Seated...


STRENGTH 4 Sets deadlift X1.1.1@87-90% rest 2-3 Min *every Deadlift Comes From A Dead Stop. Rest 2 Sec Between Each Deadliftt 3 Sets 10 Deficit Calf Raise @21×1 10 Banded Tibia Flexion/extension METCON 2 Sets: 25/20 Cal Ab 20 Burpees Over Row 75 Doubles 25/20 Cal...