STRENGTH E:90 X 5 Sets start At 65% And Build To A Max squat Clean And Split Jerk METCON "Elizabeth-ish” 21-15-9 squat Clean + Jerk (135/95) ring Dips

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STRENGTH a1. Bulgarian Split Squat X 8-10 Side Bb On Back a2. A-squats X 12 Reps x 3 Sets *rest 2 Min Bt Sets METCON Amrap 30 15 Burpees 6 Mu 15 Burpees 8 Power Snatch (95/65) 400m...

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STRENGTH a1. Close Grip Bench X 4-6 @31x1 a2. Sa Farmers Carry X 100ft/side x 4 Sets METCON 3 Rounds each for time 20/13 cal bike 16 kb cj (8/side)(53/35) rest :90 3 rounds each for time 20/14 cal row 15 hspu *choose a modification that will allow you to go close to...

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STRENGTH Build To A1rm Power Clean + Push Jerk e2mom X 6 Sets - Building METCON 5 Rounds 3 Min On 1 Min Off 10 KB Swings Russian (53/35) 8 KB Step-ups (53/35) 6 Pushups

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STRENGTH 30-20-10-5 banded Face Pulls ring Plank X :30 Each Set banded Pull Aparts wall Climb Hs Hold X :30 Each Set METCON 8 Rounds Each For Time 10 Dl (185/125) 10 T2B 10 Bar push-ups rest 1 Min

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