/var/www/html/wp-content/themes/Divi/single.php January/February 2015 Featured Athlete: Hannah Russell | South Seattle CrossFit

hannah russel

Since walking through the doors of SSCF, Hannah has become a total gym rat – and we mean that as a big compliment!! Hannah has diligently gone to work improving both her skills and strength, especially in her Oly lifts. Hannah has participated in a handful of CrossFit competitions as an athlete and always comes to the gym w/ a great attitude. Learn more about Hannah in her own words!

1.) Why do you love CrossFit?

Because it’s like being on a team again. The WODs may tend to be independent workouts, but with everyone cheering and showing their support, you never feel like you’re actually doing them alone. The community and family aspect of CrossFit is the best.

2.) Why do you love SSCF?

The people. Everyone there makes you feel so welcome every day, and it’s not just like that at the gym but outside of the gym as well. I find myself wanting to spend more time at the gym to not only workout but to hangout with everyone too. Everyone are friends both inside and outside of the gym and that’s what I think really separates SSCF from other gyms.

3.) How has CrossFit changed your life?

Working out for me started with crew and realizing that I really had the power to change my body with food and exercise. CrossFit is teaching me how to make my body stronger…working out just makes me happy.

4.) What is your favorite healthy meal?

It changes every week. I love discovering new foods. Right now it’s the paleo coconut and chocolate cookie, and turning zucchini into pasta noodles. I absolutely love Justin’s Maple Almond butter…I could eat a jar every week!

5.) What is your favorite “cheat” food?

Southern butter-pecan gelato is a definite weakness for me.

6.) What is your favorite CrossFit movement/WOD

I really love kettle bell swings, double-unders and box jumps – specifically box jump overs always sound like fun. If I had a favorite WOD it would probably be just a combination of those three movements.

7.) Which CrossFit movement/WOD makes you want to run and hide?

Thrusters. The push press and squat combination just kills me.

8.) What do you do for fun outside of CrossFit?

Fun, what is that? School, work, CrossFit…that pretty much sums up my life. When I do have a spare minute I love to treat myself by shopping for spandex or getting my nails done. I also enjoy the occasional hike with my sister and our dog.

9.) What are your fitness/life goals?

I have a TON…just a few of them are to get my handstand pushups, dips and then getting muscle-ups. That would be awesome!

10.) How did you hear about South Seattle CrossFit?

From the one and only Kayla George.

* I mean, who doesn’t like shopping for spandex, we ask? Thank you to the one-and-only Kayla George for bringing Hannah into our wonderful community! Hannah, not only would getting your muscle-ups be awesome, it WILL be awesome, because it’ll happen for you!