/var/www/html/wp-content/themes/Divi/single.php March/April 2015 Featured Athlete: Nick Snyder | South Seattle CrossFit

Nick is still fairly new to South Seattle CrossFit (and the city of Seattle in general), having joined in February of 2015 after moving cross country from Boston. Since we have known Nick, he has been completely dedicated to his health and fitness, both inside and outside of the gym. Case in point, when we texted Nick to notify him that he had been chosen as SSCF’s Featured Athlete for March/April ’15 his response started with, “Just got back from a run…” Mind you, it was 10:15pm on a Sunday night! Nick’s responses to our questions are thoughtful, funny and inspiring…please take a moment to learn more about Nick in his own words!

1.) Why do you love CrossFit?

CrossFit is great because of the flexibility, fluidity, and intensity that it provides. I never get bored with the movements or the exercises because they vary so much from workout-to-workout. Sometimes you use weights, sometimes you use your own body weight, and sometimes it’s purely about being agile and fast. The competitive aspect is also super appealing to me. By keeping score, it’s easy to compete against yourself—and sometimes your fellow classmates without them knowing—to give you that extra push of motivation.

2.) Why do you love SSCF?

I decided to try SSCF because they offer beginner’s classes that teach you all about proper technique without weights—being safe is very important to me. I chose (and love) SSCF because of the people. I’ve told many people that SSCF is Seattle Freeze–proof: from the first day I showed up and saw Ryan snatching a ridiculous amount of weight to my first class when I was absolutely terrified, everyone I’ve encountered has been warm smiles, kind words, and encouragement. SSCF roots for me.

3.) How has CrossFit changed your life?

I joined CrossFit after moving across the country to a place where I barely knew anyone. SSCF—and CrossFit, by extension—gave me all the resources to feel like I was part of a community again. There’s also the physical rewards, which has given me loads of confidence and has started to change my body in ways that I only dreamed were possible.

4.) What is your favorite healthy meal?

One of my favorite discoveries in the past couple of years has been the lettuce burrito wrap. A poached egg, avocado, and turkey bacon wrapped in a lettuce burrito is next-level delicious.

5.) What is your favorite “cheat” food?

The Unholy Triforce of vanilla ice cream, waffles, and maple bacon donuts.

6.) What is your favorite CrossFit movement/WOD

People will think that I’m crazy, but I really enjoy snatches. It’s such a complex and odd movement that happens so quickly and works so many muscle groups.

7.) Which CrossFit movement/WOD makes you want to run and hide?

Any time I see pull-ups on the board, I go through the classic five stages of grief. I really hate that I can’t do an unassisted pull-up yet, but I’m so much closer now than I’ve ever been. I get a little better each day and I know that the day I do my first one will be worth all the humble pie that I’ve been eating.

8.) What do you do for fun outside of CrossFit?

I’m a huge baseball fanatic and will do anything to be involved, but I especially love getting out on the field and playing pick-up games. I’m also a long-distance runner and will be competing in my first half-marathon this September, with the hopes of running my first full-length marathon in 2016.

9.) What are your fitness/life goals?

On April 24, 2011, a doctor scared the absolute Hell out of me by painting a picture of my future with hard numbers. His matter-of-fact, nonjudgmental approach inspired me to change the way that I lived by cutting out non-organic food and by introducing fitness into my life. It’s four years later and I have lost a total of 125lbs. I want to keep getting stronger and keep pushing the limits of my what my body can do. I don’t ever want to get into a situation again where I can’t physically do something because I chose to eat donuts instead. I also have an, admittedly, vain goal of not being ashamed to take my shirt off in public. The movements in CrossFit are ideal for building muscle and tightening up skin.

10) How did you hear about South Seattle CrossFit?

The Googles showed me the way! I was pushed to try CrossFit by a friend from Boston, Niki Brown, who used CrossFit to change his life. It took me moving from Boston to Seattle, but I eventually tried it, Niki!

*Obviously, Nick isn’t above a little bribery with the mention of Ryan snatching a ridiculous amount of weight…well played, Nick…hah! All kidding aside, Nick congrats to you for your commitment to your overall health and well-being. You are an inspiration and we look forward to following your progress on your first 1/2 marathon in September and no doubt that a full-length marathon is in your future. Thank you to both Niki Brown, and The Googles, for allowing Nick to find the doors to SSCF!!