10 minutes to practice bar muscle-ups, ring muscle ups, chest to bar, jumping C2B. Get those skills/standards dialed in! Metcon 16 Minute amrap 30 AKBS (53/35)(70/53) 20 Wallballs(20/14)(30/20) 10 C2B (6 bar muscle ups) Cashout 15 dragon...


Strength 3×8 back squat, across Metcon 2 rounds for time 100 double unders 80 Tucks(v-ups) 60 Alt dB snatches(50/35) 40 Burpees 20 Box Jump overs(24/20)(30/24) 10 Pistols Cashout 50 Russian twists, each...


Strength 5×3 snatches, building Metcon Buy in 3 wall walks Then 21-15-9 OH Squats(95/65)(115/75) C2B Then Cashout 3 wall walks All for time *Reminder, there will be makeup for Open 18.1 at...


Join us for another fun Saturday workout-10am @ South Seattle CrossFit.  Reminder, this is not an open makeup class.  That will be Sunday Open gym from 10-1130am.  Thank you for understanding!  

2/22/2018-CROSSFIT OPEN 18.1

Workout 18.1 Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 8 toes-to-bars 10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks 14-cal. row-M, 12-cal-F Men use 50-lb. dumbbell, women 35-lb