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As most of you are aware, 4th of July was a tragic day for the Groth family. Jordan(2) and Eva(4) were struck by a car in Olympia and both children were airlifted to the ER in Tacoma.  Jordan is currently fighting for his life at Mary Bridge hospital, while Eva a couple rooms away, just got released from the ICU.  SSCF has embraced this family with so much love and support over the weekend.  As of now, the only thing the family is asking for are thoughts and prayers.  Just as we will be honoring our heroes this week with strength, courage, and bravery, tomorrow we’ll be fighting alongside Jordan, Eva, and the Groth family.  


EMOM x 8

Build to 1RM Power snatch 



Overhead squats(135/95)

Bar-facing Burpees