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Our CrossFit Program

You’ll be participating in group classes utilizing CrossFit methodologies outlined below.

  • Diet: lays the molecular foundations for fitness and health.
  • Metabolic Conditioning: builds capacity in each of three metabolic pathways, beginning with aerobic, then lactic acid, and then phosphocreatine pathways.
  • Gymnastics: establishes functional capacity for body control and range of motion.
  • Weightlifting and Throwing: develop ability to control external objects and produce power.
  • Sport: applies fitness in competitive atmosphere with more randomized movements and skill mastery.


Complete our Fundamentals Program

$200/month for Unlimited Classes

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What to Expect?

All workouts can be adjusted in weight, intensity, and mechanics in order to scale to the experience and fitness levels of any individual, be it a total fitness beginner or elite competitive CrossFitter. This is the reason this program gets acclaim from military personnel, professional athletes, soccer Moms, Dads and grandparents alike.

All of our CrossFit Classes are coach-led and follow a planned progression roughly 60 minutes in duration and follow this basic structure:

A certified coach will guide you through warming up, followed by movement instruction and demonstration for the workout. The Coach will supervise and correct any movement performed by you during the workout.

Do I have to be fit to CrossFit?

No. CrossFit is the program that will get you in shape. No matter what your current fitness level is, you can start CrossFit. As you become fitter, workouts will become more challenging. Every workout is designed to help you succeed, improve fitness and move you toward your goals.

CrossFit is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience.

What kind of movements/exercises can I expect?

CrossFit class programming will include a strength portion in which you’ll work on something like Olympic weightlifting, deadlifting, squatting or bodyweight strength, or you may work on a skill such as a handstand push-up. After the strength or skill portion of the class is complete, most days will involve a WOD (Workout Of The Day). WODS can be anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes or more.

Is CrossFit for me?

Yes. Everyone can do CrossFit regardless of age, injuries and current fitness levels. The program is modified for each person to help him or her safely become healthier and fitter. Grandparents and Olympians can perform modified versions of the same general workout.

What kind of results can I expect?

Be patient. Results take time but if you’re consistent, they absolutely will come. The exciting thing as a beginner is that results come fairly quickly, just even in 30 days, you can really see a difference in your strength and overall fitness.

Do I have to stop eating donuts?

We do believe in enjoying special indulgences. This is a lifestyle which has to be manageable and realistic for the long-term. Luckily however, the healthier you eat, the healthier you tend to want to eat. You get hooked on feeling good and junk food just isn’t worth it.

By avoiding excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates and measuring your intake of protein, fats, carbohydrates and water, you will see dramatic increases in health!

Can I get hurt doing CrossFit?

CrossFit uses safe, effective and efficient movements similar to those you use every day in life.

How often should I come?

2-4 classes a week is a realistic for beginners, depending on your level of fitness when you start. It may take a while for your body to get used to training at that intensity, so at the beginning you might need more recovery time between training days. Over the first few months, start working your way up to training 5 days a week.

Real People. Real Results

“Brilliant place with great instructors and such a wonderful sense of community. Also, being a novice to CrossFit, it’s great to go to a place where you can absolutely modify the workout if you need to.”

Bonnie L.

“Being new to Crossfit I was very nervous based on what I had heard in the past about the sport. After only a few classes, I can feel myself getting stronger, pushing myself further, and accomplishing more…completely injury free from any of the workouts.”


Brian Side

“Magical, pure magic. South Seattle Crossft is a cut above the rest, there is no comparing. The facilities are immaculate, it’s almost unfair. The coaching staff is great, their pursuit of increasing the overall fitness of their members is what drives me back.”


Jose Camacho

South Seattle CrossFit



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