May/June 2015 Featured Athlete: Titus Faber

Titus has become a fixture at South Seattle CrossFit. It’s pretty much a given that Titus will be in the gym at least once a day, but can often be found popping back by a second time for more work. Titus is amongst a handful of SSCF members that are CrossFit Level 1...

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March/April 2015 Featured Athlete: Nick Snyder

Nick is still fairly new to South Seattle CrossFit (and the city of Seattle in general), having joined in February of 2015 after moving cross country from Boston. Since we have known Nick, he has been completely dedicated to his health and fitness, both...

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January/February 2015 Featured Athlete: Hannah Russell

Since walking through the doors of SSCF, Hannah has become a total gym rat – and we mean that as a big compliment!! Hannah has diligently gone to work improving both her skills and strength, especially in her Oly lifts. Hannah has participated in a handful of CrossFit...

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November/December 2014 Featured Athlete: Maureen Walum

Maureen joined SSCF in August and along with her husband, Steve, has been coming in on a regular basis ever since. Maureen has made huge strides in terms of strength, flexibility and overall fitness over the past half year. Maureen and Steve can typically be found...

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Sept/October 2014 Featured Athlete: Tom McGraw

Tom McGraw joined South Seattle CrossFit just over a year ago, and the guy has been a mainstay ever since. It’s a rare day that Tom misses, and that’s saying something since Tom works out before his work day starts with the 530a class. He has dropped over 30 lbs since...

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