Join us for Fundamentals!


Our Fundamentals course is comprised of a personalized session to familiarize you with CrossFit theory, movement techniques, safety, and what to expect at South Seattle CrossFit. This is required of all athletes new to CrossFit.

What to Expect

Our Fundamentals classes consist of 3 one-on-one (or small group if you are joining with someone else) sessions that cover some of the basic movements and philosophies found in CrossFit.  Not only do we cover safety and technique, but are also an opportunity for the SSCF coaches and new members to get to know one another better. We do our best to work with your schedule. Let us know what time of day, and day of the week, is ideal for you and we’ll make it happen. If you already have CrossFit experience, you might be able to bypass Fundamentals altogether. Or, if it’s been a while since you’ve participated in CrossFit, we can always condense Fundamentals into 1 or 2 classes. This decision can be determined once you have an opportunity to sit down and talk with one of our coaches.


No prior CrossFit experience required. This is great for beginners who want to learn and progress.

$109 + tax

3 Personalized Sessions

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