/var/www/html/wp-content/themes/Divi/single.php May/June 2015 Featured Athlete: Titus Faber | South Seattle CrossFit

Titus has become a fixture at South Seattle CrossFit. It’s pretty much a given that Titus will be in the gym at least once a day, but can often be found popping back by a second time for more work. Titus is amongst a handful of SSCF members that are CrossFit Level 1 certified and has started coaching some classes here and there. His knowledge, enthusiasm and caring attitude have made Titus a tremendous asset to the SSCF community and we are happy to call him one of our own. Learn more about Titus in his own words!
1.) Why do you love CrossFit?
I have not been a strong athlete for most of my life. However, after trying several methods of getting in shape I found that the combination of measurable goals as well as a good community makes CrossFit what really “clicks” for me.
2.) Why do you love SSCF?
The community. I have never found such a welcoming group of people from all walks of life. This comes from the coaches first – every coach has been accepting, kind and helpful. I start every workout with people who are positive and encouraging, and every workout ends with the same attitude, albeit a bit more out of breath.
3.) How has CrossFit changed your life?
My goals in life have always centered around being “happy with today” – not regretting mistakes, liking who I am, and loving everyone who surrounds me. CrossFit has fit that criteria very well. It has made me fit enough to do anything that comes up in life (hike that mountain? sure!). It has given me self-confidence to like who I am more every day. It helps me by making me know that tomorrow I will be as healthy as possible to enjoy the people I love … all while enjoying today (yeah, I like the workouts – they feel like “progress”).
CrossFit is not my end-all of goals, but it has been a very positive experience and impact in my life.
4.) What is your favorite healthy meal?
Define healthy! 🙂
Hmm … pineapple bacon chilli. Or sushi. Or good Thai. So much good food out there!
5.) What is your favorite “cheat” food?
Candy. Anything more specific would have to depend on the day … but cinnamon bears are a great start.
6.) What is your favorite CrossFit movement/WOD
Fran. I hate thrusters, but there is something about a workout so short that can knock me on my butt for so long.
7.) Which CrossFit movement/WOD makes you want to run and hide?
Wall balls … though they’re getting better. I think. I would have picked running for this one, but that is a bad relationship that goes back well before my days in a CrossFit gym.
8.) What do you do for fun outside of CrossFit?
I am a true nerd at heart. If I have enough free time I am a sucker for sci-fi, or video games. And, I have to admit, reading about new technology (I’m talking about petabyte re-indexing theories here, not just Apple goodies).
9.) What are your fitness/life goals?
I would love to make the masters 45-49 games … or at least make the masters qualifier. I know that’s a dream, but a guys gotta dream ya know (and workout a lot)? Outside of that lofty goal, my more realistic and more important goal to me is to be able to do at least one pull-up at age 90. I’m in this for the long-haul, which is why my personal first rule in any activity is, “no injuries”.
10.) How did you hear about South Seattle CrossFit?
My first time hearing about the gym was taking the Level 1 certification a couple years ago with McKenzie. Much more recently as I was switching jobs to work from home here in West Seattle, I ran into someone at Metropolitan Market while getting coffee. He and I talked about gyms and working out – he said I should stop by. If life throws two people two years apart at you who are so nice with a common thread, it certainly is worth at least seeing what else there is to the story. So … here I am!
*I’m not sure about petabyte re-indexing theories, but I think pineapple bacon chilli is something we can all rally around : )! We look forward to being right by your side on your quest for the Masters Games, my friend…no doubt, you can make it happen, though your goal of one pull-up at age 90 is just as inspiring!