STRENGTH 3 Min Easy build to heavy 5 sotts press rest 1 min 3 min build to heavy 4 behind the neck snatch grip push press 3 min build to heavy snatch balance with 1 sec pause at bottom METCON CHIPPER 100 Air Squats 90 Pushups 80 Db snatches (50/35) 70 Doubles 60 T2b...

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METCON One big session today... 1k row for time at 6 min mark Build to a heavy single snatch for the day at 16 min mark 1k row for time at 22 min mark Build to a heavy power clean for the...

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STRENGTH 5 Sets 6 Close Grip Bench (Build) immediately into 10 Burpees + 1 Pushup Rest 2 min METCON E3MOM x 6 rounds 15/12 cal bike 15 pullups Max thrusters in remaining time comp (135/95) rx (95/65)  

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As most of you are aware, 4th of July was a tragic day for the Groth family. Jordan(2) and Eva(4) were struck by a car in Olympia and both children were airlifted to the ER in Tacoma.  Jordan is currently fighting for his life at Mary Bridge hospital, while Eva a...

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