E:90 X 8 Sets build To A Max power Clean at The 15 Min Mark 500m Row Time Trial rest Atleast 10 Min Before Extra Metcon METCON Amrap 3 max Bbjo rest 1 Min amrap 2 max Burpees Pullups rest 1 Min amrap 1 max...


STRENGTH In 10 Min build To A Heavy 2rm Squat Clean after Each Set 3 Seated High Box Jumps METCON E3mom X 8 Sets 13/10 Cal Ab 5 Mu 15 Russian Kb Swings “


STRENGTH A1. Reverse Bb Curl X 12 a2. Banded Tricep Oh Extensions X 15-20 a3. Weighted Situps X 15 a4. Banded Pull Aparts X 15-20 x 4 Sets” METCON EMOM X 18 1 = 15 Burpees 2 = 15/12 Cal Ab


STRENGTH Max Strict Ring Mu immediately into Max Strict Ring Dips immediately into 30 Strict Pullups For Time *if You Are Good At Strict Pullups use Weight METCON 10 Rounds For Time 10 Sa Kb Push Press (70.53) 12/10 Cal Row 15 Situps *cannot Use opposite hand  On Kb...