STRENGTH E3mom X 4 Sets build To A 4rm Push Jerk with the 4rm from above 3x3 Split Jerks With :3 Pause In Catch METCON 10 Rounds For Time 10 Sa Kb Push Press (70.53) 12/10 Cal AB 15 Situps *cannot Use Oppostie Hand At All On Kb Push Press...

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STRENGTH EMOMX 12 a1. Strict Ring Dips X 6-12 (use Weight If Needed) a2. Chin Over Bar Hold X :15-:20 (use Vest If Needed)   METCON Amrap 20 250m Row 15 Pushups 12 Pullups 9...

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STRENGTH OHS E2mom X 6 Sets 4 Ohs (build)@4321 METCON Amrap 2 X 5 Sets 10 Ub Squat Snatch w Remaining Time max T2b *you can increase Weight But must Be Ub rest :90 Bt Each Round

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STRENGTH E2mom X 3 Hi Hang Squat Snatch X 3 (light weight then increase-work technique) Snatch Complex Build To A Max snatch + Low Hang + Knee + Hang + Drop And Reset Snatch METCON 5  Rounds 400m Run 15 C2b Pullups...

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STRENGTH a1. Bulgarian Split Squats X 8-10 @3111 a2. Barbell Bent Rows X 10-12 x4 Sets Rest 2:30 Bt Sets METCON 1-10 Hang squat cleans(155/105) Burpees over bar E2MOM 20x mountain climbers(2:1)  ...

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STRENGTH E3mom X 4 Sets build to 6RM PushPress with the 6rm from above 3x3 Split Jerks With :3 Pause In Catch Of Each Rep METCON AMRAP 12 30 Doubles 15 Push Press (95/65) 30 Doubles 15 Russian Swings...

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