STRENGTH Build To A Pause Snatch Below The Knee + Hang Squat Snatch METCON AMRAP 2 12/9 Cal Ab 9 Stoh (135/95) max Burpees W Remaining Time *rest 1 Min X 5...

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STRENGTH a1. Barbell Hip Thrusts X 15-20 (ahap) (:1 Pause At Top) - Heavier Than Last Week a2. Sumo Stance Goodmorning X 12-15 a3. 15 Steps Each Way Banded Walk Lateral X 4 Sets METCON 25 Pull-ups 50 Cal Row 75 Front Squats (75/55) 50 Box Jumps 25 Pull-ups

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STRENGTH 10-8-6-4-2 DL (start with weight from last week and add each set) (must be UB) Upper Body Pull - use weight if needed rest as needed after DL metcon STRENGTH 1. Max distance double KB walk 1 shot as far as possible 2. Russian twists x 100...

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METCON a1. 1/2 kneeling KB press holding handle x 10 each arm a2. Strict T2B x 10-12 a2. :15-:30 Ring Dip Hold At Top + :15-:30 Ring Dip Hold at Bottom x4 Sets STRENGTH E4mom x 4 rounds 25 cal row 15 hang clean and jerks 15...

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STRENGTH 4 Sets Build To A Max Pause Power Snatch (pause at knee for :01 count) X 2 + 2 Ohs (:01 Pause At Bottom) METCON 100 Db Snatches must Alternate (50/35) EMOM 10 Wallballs (20/14) *start with wall-balls

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STRENGTH a1. Lateral Crossover Stepup/10 In A Row each leg(dbs in hand) a2. Chest Flys X 12-15 @31x1 a3. Me Flex Arm Hang (supine grip) x 4 Sets METCON 400m Run 21 box jump overs 21 c2b pull-ups 400m Run 15 box jump overs 15 c2b pull-ups 400m Run 9 box jump overs 9...

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