STRENGTH A. Strict Press build To A Heavy Set Of 10 Over 3 Sets @30×1 then B. 3 Sets db Incline Y Raise X 10-12 @20×1 METCON Amrap 5 burpees Rest 1 Min amrap 4 bar Facing Burpees rest 1 Min amrap 3 box Facing Burpees (24/20) rest 1min amrap 2 wall...


STRENGTH a1. Reverse Lunge X 20 Steps a2. Db Ext Rot X 8-10/arm x 3 Sets *build AMRAP 30 500m Row 400m Run 10 Front Squats (165/115)


STRENGTH A. Max Effort Bw Strict Chinups X 20 rest 2 Min b. Max Effort Strict Chinups X15 rest 2 Min c. Max Effort Strict Chinups X 10 rest 2 Min d. Max Effort Strict Chinups X 5 rest 2 Min e. Max Effort Strict Chinups X 3 then emom X 5 strict C2b Pullups X 4-6 METCON...


STRENGTH 3 Sets To Build to A 20rm Ohs METCON 3 Min On 1 Min Off X 4 Sets 4 Hang Power Snatch(135/95) 8 Hrpu 12 Air Squats *start From Where You Left Off