STRENGTH E:90 X 8 Sets build To A Max hang Power Clean METCON Amrap 2 X 5 Sets 10 Ub Thrusters w Remaining Time max T2b *you Can Increase Weight But must Be Ub rest :90 Bt Each Round

11/24/2022-TURKEY BOWL

Happy Thanksgiving SSCF! Join us at 9am at Hiawatha Playfield for our annual Turkey Bowl.  We’ll provide the equipment, hope to see you there!


STRENGTH 20 Wall Walks For Time emom = 6 Pushups” METCON E3mom X 8 Sets 15 Russian Kb Swings (70/53) 50 Doubles 3 Deadlifts *build On Dl *not A Max *goal Is To Have About 1 Min + Rest Per Round


STRENGTH Front Squat X 10 @4441 x 3 Sets *make Sure Tempo Is On Point *build *this Will Not Be Heavy will Switch W 20rm Bs And Fs Long Tempo METCON 10-1 c2b Pullups 200m Run