STRENGTH A. Deadlift X 10 X 3 Sets *heavy But Controlled *light Tap Of Ground Not Bouncing b. Sa Oh Walk X 10oft X 3 Sets/arm METCON “Harder Barbara” 5 Sets 5 Bar Mu 10 Dips 15 T2b 20 Goblet Squats (50/35) *rest :90 After...


STRENGTH A. E:90 X 8 Sets build To A Heavy Single Push Jerk For The Day *after The Last Set Go Into 3 Min Amrap Strict Wall Facing Hspu METCON amrap 8 50/40 Cal Bike w Remaining Time Max Cal Row rest 4 Min amrap 8 50/40 Cal Row w Remaining Time Max Cal...


STRENGTH A1. Strict Chinups X 5 a2. Front Squats X 5 x 5 Sets *same Weight Across ” METCON 3 Rounds 800m Run 20 C2b Pullups 20 Back Squats (135/95)


STRENGTH Banded Dips X 3 X 10 rest 2 Min Btw Sets incline Close Grip Bench X 3 X 10 rest 2 Min Btw Sets” METCON 5 Rounds For Time 20 Sa Db Hang Cj(50/35) 20 Burpees Over Dumbell